Good evening Mr O\'Leary. I am attempting to contact a representative of Ryanair to try – Michael OLeary email address

Lesley onions sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

Good evening Mr OLeary.
I am attempting to contact a representative of Ryanair to try and help with a flight issue. The gentleman i have just phoned to speak to was extremely obstructive and because I couldnt find all the details quick enough the Ryanair employee insisted that I ring back. I rang back within minutes and the office was now closed! Your employee deliberately ended my call knowing the office was about to close!
I am appalled at this attitude after my family and I have paid your company in good faith and required urgent assistance as a paying customer.
I have googled the 24hour customer telephone helpline which isnt even a legitimate number for Ryanair it is actually a telephone number to a job centre!
What kind of outfit are you running?
Surely Ryanair has policies in place regarding customer service and surely you are aware that the 24hour helpline telephone number is incorrect, I cant be the only person to bring this to the attention of Ryanair?!
I look forward to hearing from you and I am interested in your views regarding the lack of customer service with at least one of your employees! And the lack of PR, Marketing and Advertising information your company provides.
Lesley Onions (Mrs)

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