Good evening Mr. Raines My name is Tony Friddle I am thoroughly disgusted – J Paul Raines email address

Tony Friddle sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:

Good evening Mr. Raines

My name is Tony

I am thoroughly disgusted with how I have been treated over the past few weeks and this recent incident really cements how you treat your customers, I yet again tried to place a pre order for a nintendo switch (this time for one of the bundles that is showing up on your website for any person to pre order.) I successfully was able to process the first order but quickly realized that the billing information was incorrect for the billing method that I would be using=, so I had no other choice but to cancel this order so I could re-do the order, first issue was the email to confirm that I cancelled the order took longer then normal (about 5-10 minutes) then I have had to deal with in the past (which I can understand happens because web issues do happen) so after the cancel went through I proceeded to re-do the order with the correct information and this time I was unable to see my order in my order history (nor did I get an email after quite a while) so I decided to re-do the order again and this time I called up the customer service number to aid in this, I gave them the order number and the new information that I provided in the order form only to be told that they were unable to find the order because some information was incorrect... so I go looking in my account and decide to give them my old billing address (the one that was on the old order) and it was able to be found, so I scrutinized the invoice that was shown only to be shown that the billing address was still under the old order (as was the card used) so I inquired about this and was told that this was supposedly an order that had to be done in a store (which totally does not make any type of sense as I was able to create the initial order perfectly fine and I can only assume it would have went through if not for the changes that I had to make) so I was told contradictory information to what I already did. I am not the least bit happy with this run around, and this is the second time that this company has screwed up an order that I have tried to do. To make matters worse I was not really given any type of compensation other then a few power up rewards points (which was a laughable amount now that I realize this and I should not have accepted it... I am disgusted, I am feeling betrayed... and for the most part... I am truly mad at this company right now.

I dont expect you to be able to help me as I got the feeling from the agent that I spoke to that he really just did not care to even try to help me out. I am a disabled individual that does not drive, nor has reliable transportation, thus online ordering is a really big deal to m, and to be told that something that I had just done was wrong... well... it makes me not want to spend anymore of my money at gamestop.

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