Good evening, My name is Jessica and I am a loyal customer of Pottery – Laura J Alber email address

Jessica sent a message to Laura J. Alber Director, President, and CEO, Williams-Sonoma – email address that said:

Good evening,

My name is Jessica and I am a loyal customer of Pottery Barn. My husband and I recently ordered a turner leather sectional order . On 4/23/16 the order was delivered. The sofa portion was correct but we were delivered the chase of a left arm sectional. Unfortunately, we originally ordered a right armed chase. The delivery services were 2 hours later than the cut off time they gave us; causing us to cancel our anniversary dinner. The chase was returned with the delivery service and we were told that we would be contacted. When we called to confirm the situation, nothing had been reordered. We then reordered the chase through customer service and were told to wait for a few weeks for the new delivery. We were notified on the 3rd of May by Pottery Barn services that the delivery would be available by the 11th of May. There was no delivery or notification after this. Since the 13th of may we have called customer service four times now and were told each time that the couch would be ready for delivery in a week. It is now 5/24/16 and we still only have a half of a sectional in our living room. Today I called a customer service representative and asked to speak directly to a manager. The customer service rep. said that the managers were busy in their offices and did not have time to talk to a customer. This made me feel very discouraged as a customer needing to rectify a costly situation that has caused a great deal of stress to my family. I had told the representative that if I could not speak to a manager, that we would have to return the item because we can not endure this mordant situation any longer. I then spoke with a manager by the name of Jessica at the California call center extension 7165111 who has told us that our delivery will be in Pittsburgh by 6/3 and available for home delivery. I am very overturned by this situation; expecting only excellence from such an outstanding reputable franchise. We love our couch but it has cost us a great deal of suffering and stress this last few months and we can't seem to get help with our situation in any other allocated resource we reach out to. I hope that you will be able to help us solve our contention so that we are able to enjoy the furnishing we so greatly envisioned being apart of our home.

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