Good evening My name is Marshall and I live in Waverly Ohio. Through the – Jeff M Fettig email address

Marshall sent a message to Jeff M. Fettig – Chairman and CEO of Whirlpool Corporation – Email Address that said:

Good evening,
My name is Marshall and I live in Waverly Ohio. Through the years, I have purchased many of your products and appliances because I have always felt like the Whirlpool brand has built quality items that are durable and dependable. Recently, on February 28, 2016-my wife and I made a purchase of a whirlpool clothes dryer. We looked at many models that our Lowe’s retailer had, but when it came down to making the decision, we chose your brand-primarily because of the reasons I have already mentioned. Unfortunately, it appears that we have just purchased a faulty unit. I have had the dryer repaired 4 times now due to the dryer not heating, and the handle was just ordered due to snapping off- so it will make a total of 5 repair visits since February. The repairman mentioned each occasion that it was ventilation. After the first repair, I had brand new 6 inch metal duct work ran directly from the utility room-straight out through the foundation. Absolutely brand new with one 45 degree bend going through the floor. Ventilation is not the issue.
As mentioned, we have been faithful customers to Whirlpool over the years with many appliances (at least 2 refrigerators, 3 freezers, 2 electric ranges, 2 washer and dryer sets, 1 or 2 Microwave over the range hoods and several other units). I hope that this is just a faulty unit and not reflective of what we could expect in the future from Whirlpool.
I would like to see if the dryer could be replaced, as the warranty period will be out in February of 2017. Considering we are at 5 repair visits at this time-over a period of less than 7 months, I have no confidence in this unit. I believe when there is a problem that I should allow for the opportunity to make it right. If someone would like to contact me via email or phone, I would be happy to explain in greater details the issues we are having. You should have the warranty and repair records if you need details on it. I will attach and provide as much information as I can on the unit including the receipt and look forward to hearing what you can be able to do to make this right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time

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