Good evening sir I am a small person to my family i run they retail buiseness – Lee KunHee email address

Waheed sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

Good evening sir
I am a small person to my family i run they retail buiseness for them bt am human am not perfect i cant be jack of all trade but i have a vission i want to be someone not a nobody i enjoy the of many ernings are very little but i have brilliant ideas that could take off realy smoothly.i have a offer to make if u can giv me a chance
Just this one time.i bought a smart tv on special 42inch i couldn't i afford a samsung i have been saveing money for a couple of months am married and i have to balance my ernings its not much bt i give most of it to my wife an remain with two hundred every month you know they say hard work always pays up i was crawling but i defenately made it to one asset of my project i have 8 more step to go but i have faith am a hardworker not strong but very creative i saport alot of charity to what i can afford to give sometimes i giv up my whole ernings for the month i am sorry if i am boreing u with my network of life but its best i be honest then to be a liar.ok lets the talk begin i want to do something creative that could creat me and samsung products and i need is a couple smart screens and some accessories to fittment your screens and then i will market every inch of your latest product to the market in simple i need sponcers direct from you i will market your products free at no cost to your company your orders wil extremely boost in the market i promise your ditributers would call 24 hrs for more stock i just need u to sponser me smart tvs and accessories to install the smart i need two per unit one is for u and one is for my market in the market space i am still makeing a demo threw a hisense 42inch smart tv i need assurance that i will have the marketing side of your products for your ditributers i want the rights for it from you mr ceo pleas consider my request ohnerabaly up date me i should have my demo ready mid febuary next yr i purchased some sunglass to upper my game so i cld meet ends with time frame and capital to furnish my demo plz pray for me to be successful if its a restriction or a policy in your company that cant proceed my request i wil totaly understant i will stand high and put my headup and continue my struggle to a better way of liveing. Thank in advance and god bless u keep you well sir.

And i am on wattapp to i prefer wattap bcs am always at work over time to meet ends.

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