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Good evening,
I am writing you today because my family had a very unpleasant experience at the DDs store located on 10862 beechnut Houston Tx 77072. Earlier today we went to this store and bought some big boxer shorts for my sister that is in the hospital because she was told not to wear anything too tight. When we went to the store we tried to look at a pair from a pack but were told not to open the pack which is understandable. We told the lady that if it wasnt big enough we would have to return them she ignored us. Later on my dad went by himself to return the pack because after opening the pack and looking at them they werent going to be big enough. When my dad attempted to return the pack with a receipt of the same day (today) at 3:20 -3:26 PM he was asked for a form of ID. He showed his ID and the cashier stated that he couldnt return it without an updated ID. Another gentleman stepped in to defend my dad. When he asked to speak to a manager security ordered him to leave the store. We have been to this DDs, many other DDs since they started opening, and every Ross in Houston for years because its our go to store. Most of these stores have great customer service and friendly faces everywhere. It astounds me that in all the years this location has been open no one has ever asked any of us light skin English speaking customers for any form of ID purchasing or returning. Ive been to this location and many other locations to return and exchange things all the time and Ive never had this problem, I actually LOVE that Ross and DDs is always hassle free. I dont understand why the standards change when there is a minimal English speaking Hispanic looking gentlemen, he is asked for identification and then told his ID is not enough. How do they make this call? What training did they take to decide that? Since when did a cashier become authorized to demand legal documents and have someone kicked out for not having them? I understand some establishments require a form of ID to make a credit card purchase but one we paid cash and two when we paid no one cared if we had an ID to make the purchase as long as we were giving the store our money. I hope you take into consideration the humiliation and embarrassment that my dad was put through in front of many other customers. I dont even care about the $5 pack of boxer shorts, $5 is nothing and the new boxers can be donated to many people in need right now. Its the rudeness of the cashier and double standard that really bothered me. As a company I really hope you do something about this, so that things in this store can change and everyone is treated equally regardless of language and appearance. I would hope that the cashier gets a talk or training on customer service but I dont have the name of the cashier that was working, at the time there were only 2 young ladies working this location and the shorter lady was the one that he spoke to. You can feel free to contact me at 832-757-2229 to discuss the matter if you feel the need.

Thank you for your time,
Michelle Looza

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