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Good Morning, I had a very unpleasant experience at Best Buy yesterday. I hope you – Hubert Joly email address

Annette sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

Good Morning, I had a very unpleasant experience at Best Buy yesterday. I hope you will be concerned enough to respond but as I read notes from others, Im not too sure. I went in the box store to purchase a remote car starter for my husband for Christmas. I had seen one online and thought it would be perfect. After waiting a very long time as your store was understaffed on Cyber Monday, I finally got some help. I had first been told there would be an installer there to talk to me about the item, but alas, no one scheduled on Mon or Tues. So I'm helped and they don't have one I the store. The young man looks, its online only. So I go home to order it. Seems to order it you HAVE to set up an account. Ok, no problem. However, the system will NOT set up a new account, says try later. I did for a very long time. The item was only on sale yesterday, so I called the store.....over and over for almost an hour of hold time, NO ONE ever picked up the phone. I finally got on the Geek Squads chat service and asked them for help. I called the main customer service number and after only six more minutes of waiting, I had some help. I finally ordered the item but was told it HAD to be delivered to my home, not the store. Okkkkk? No information I had been given held installer at the store after all, this could NOT be shipped to the store after you said it could, etc. Im not really sure why I went ahead and got the item. If Best Buy is worried about losing their business to Amazon and the like, then they need to really offer quality customer service, not just put it across their website. I received zero service and was given false info. I hope you actually read some of these and something is done to improve your store. I am actually old fashioned and like getting things at the store and taking them home right then, BUT, if ordering online works and is CHEAPER quite often, then why go to the box store at all? You sir need to address this at your stores, I'm only one of who knows how many that is treated that way. Pay your staff a little more, motivate them in a positive way to learn your processes and procedures. Treat the customer as a valued shopper, not expect us to value you! My name is Annette I'm not sure that i'll be back to a best buy after this current transaction is complete and that is sad as I like your store. Maybe I'll use you and just check stuff out there, buy it elsewhere. That is the atmosphere you are creating at your stores. Thank you!

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