Good Morning Michael, my name is Riccardo and I write from Italy. I am – Michael OLeary email address

Riccardo  sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Good Morning Michael,
my name is Riccardo and I write from Italy.

I am a traveler and your faithful believe that your company truly is the best for value for money and the distances covered.
I am writing to tell a fact that I recently happened.
Saturday, May 28 I took the FR4322 flight from Krakow (KRK), directed in Bologna (BLQ).
Upon embarkation, I put in the row OTHER Q. A lady, with adult daughter and small child of the latter, he jumped, without telling anyone, the line, putting the beginning of PRIORITY.
When, before the Ryanair’s staff, I said to these ladies who had totally missed the row, but them, even contemptuously, they told me they had the PRIORITY.
Upon embarkation, as it turned, it was found that these people, contrary to what they had just said, they had no means the PRIORITY; RYANAIR’s staff, then, told us to get us back to make pass in front of them.
This has not seemed to me neither just nor professional and, then, politely, I protested; the lady attacked me verbally, saying that she had the right of way, as agreed, no one knows with whom, in Italy .
I gave very annoyed that the RYANAIR’s staff, the scene view, both came to me, saying to calm down and that the lady was totally right.
Now, I do not argue, to give priority to people in pregnancy, but the lady was not, and if he wanted to go in front of everyone, had to do the PRIORITY, as your procedure.
Moreover, into the plane, the lady, despite having the last row, was made up from the entrance further, creating further distress the entrance plane.

Im sure that will be taken in this regard measures.

Thanking you, Yours sincerely.


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