good morning Mr. Foss, my name is Dan and I am the SOUS CHEF – Eric J Foss email address

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good morning Mr. Foss, my name is Dan Pajer and I am the SOUS CHEF with ARAMARK at the GREATER RICHMOND CONVENTION CENTER. I don't mean to tie up your e-mail but I was wondering about something. with the way that food trends are going; natural, sustainable, cage free, etc., etc.; what is ARAMARKS stand on HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. I have seen many companies changing their recipes with this item but yet an item that we are contracted to use lists it as the first ingredient: SWEET BABY RAY'S BBQ SAUCE and even our MARINARA SAUCE; ANGELA MIA: has it listed as # 2. I am hoping that in the future that the district and regional CHEF'S can work with these companies to alter their recipes for a healthier product. I know a man in your position has many responsibilities each day but I am a 12plus year employee with an 18 year background with MARRIOTT and it pains me to see that we are paying large contracts for an exclusive product to be used on our properties that perhaps we should not be using after all.
thank you for reading this e-mail Mr. FOSS

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