Good Morning Mr Jelinek, I am hoping that you can help me? I am a – W Craig Jelinek email address

Joanne sent a message to W. Craig Jelinek – President and Chief Executive Officer of Costco Wholesale Corporation email address that said:

Good Morning Mr Jelinek,

I am hoping that you can help me?
I am a Costco member and ordered a Keter shed from yourselves on 14/6/16 on line, as to this day 23/8/16 I have still not recieved my shed, I have an huge email trail between myself and your staff trying to get my shed delivered, you wouldn't believe the stress and upset I have encounted, the first delivery was cancelled as the company you employ to do your deliveries (DSV) their van broke down, then they turned up at my door and told me that the order had been cancelled (not by me!) then they delivered two different size sheds and I had to await pickup and stock to be reordered, Keter then got more stock on 14/7/16 so I was told, and now I am still awaiting delivery, as apparently your delivery firm are saying they don't do afternoon deliveries, I have lost 2 half days from work when the orders were cancelled and when the van broke down, and don't have anymore holidays from work to waste, I have sent them email evidence to prove that DSV do do afternoon deliveries as they text you when they are due to arrive,  please read the correspondence between me and your staff, or I can send, this situation I have found so stressful and upsetting, I get apologies from your staff all the time and saying that this shouldn't be happening but no one has done anything about it, hence me contacting yourself, I do hope you can resolve this.

Many thanks

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