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Mary Ellen Ifft sent a message to Kelly S. King - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BBT Corporation - Email Address that said:

Good Morning Mr. King,
I am writing to you from Florida where we are all recovering from the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Being without power for a week, and damage to my home, not covered by insurance has taken a toll on me personally and financially. It is devastating the destruction so many here in Florida, Houston, Puerto Rico and the Islands have suffered.

I received a phone message that my account was in arrears, which was a surprise to me because I am always current with my home equity loan payments, and the only other account I had was a checking account that was required to open when I applied for the home equity loan. I did not want the checking account and have never used it, no checks, no debit, but it was required at the time.

I would go into the bank near my home on occasion to make the deposit or withdraw as required in order to avoid fees. The last time was the end of March of this year. I had no idea my account was being debited $30.00 a month for a maintenance fee that started in
Feb. of 2017. I do bear some responsibility for not checking, or even opening my statements. The bank employee was very sympathetic and said she could refund $75.00, but being in arrears $35.00 did not amount to much. I have paid my home equity loan every month on time since it was opened in July of 2012, Thousands in Interest.

I am not sure why an account with $195.00 was considered an Elite Gold.

I am requesting you to please refund my $195.00 or better yet to apply it to the principal on my loan. I have made my payment on my loan for this month yesterday.

I look forward to your response.
Mary Ellen Ifft

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