Good morning Mr. Lundgren, I’ve been a Macy’s cardholder since 1979 and up till now – Terry J Lundgren email address

Marguerite sent a message to Terry J. Lundgren- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Macy’s, Inc.- email address that said:

Good morning Mr. Lundgren,
I've been a Macy's cardholder since 1979 and up till now, have been a satisfied customer. I received the wrong item when I ordered (in plenty of time for Christmas) a black leather Kenneth Cole messenger bag and contacted customer service about it. They are hopeless and incompetent. All I want is simple. Just send me the correct item and I'll return the incorrect item to the store. After a few emails and a stressful and frustrating conversation with Susan, a Customer Service supervisor, employee I am no better off than before. This item comes from a vendor which apparently throws a monkey wrench into the works. So I'm writing to you and hopefully you have some pull there and can assist me in getting my messenger bag (Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Single Gusset Messenger bag in black). The order  made in early December. I received a different style and color bag than I asked for. I'm at my wit's end and don't know how to proceed as everyone I talk to doesn't take the appropriate steps or just doesn't care, and can't wait to get me off the phone.
Thank you for your time. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Happy New Year
December 27, 2015

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