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Good morning Mr. Raines I’m writing to you to explain my recent interactions with your Fairhaven – J Paul Raines email address

Corey sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:

Good morning Mr. Raines

I'm writing to you to explain my recent interactions with your Fairhaven, MA store. I believe it's store. In the beginning of December I purchased a pre-ordered controller for the NES Classic console with the employee stated stipulation that my name would be put on the call list for when the consoles come in. It was stated to me that they would fill the the pre-orders in the order that you were on the list. My name was #4. On the 15th I received a call saying they would be in on the 16th and that I should show up to the store a little before the 9am opening because there would be a line. I arrived at 8 and was the first person in line. After standing out in 5 degree weather a clerk came to the door and said that they gave tickets out at 6am for the units. This ludicrous! They aren't even open at 6 am. On top of that the preorder wasn't supposed to happen this way it was supposed to be in the order your were placed on the list. A total misrepresentation of how it works was stated to get people to preorder from that store. I know I'm just 1 consumer in a sea of many and that you're probably much to busy to deal with my petty problems but I would appreciate some type of corespondent on this matter.
Thank You

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