Good morning, Mr. Renwick. I have been a long time, happy customer of Progressive. I – Glenn M Renwick email address

Rebecca sent a message to Glenn M. Renwick – Chief Executive Officer and President of Progressive Corporation – Email Address that said:

Good morning, Mr. Renwick. I have been a long time, happy customer of Progressive. I have also been on the EFT program for making payments for some time. About two - three weeks ago, I decided to cancel my EFT and went online to do so. I was not able to find instructions on how to do that or an email for that purpose. I did find an email on a message board that purported to be the one to use to cancel my EFT. I sent an email, it wasn't returned, so I assumed it was taken care of. Today, I get a message from my bank that Progressive had taken the payment from my account, overdrawing it and leaving me with $0 to live on for the next week and a half. I called this morning and spoke through three levels of supervisors. All were very pleasant, but the best they could do was to refund it in 12 days. This does not put gas in my car or food in my fridge today, so doesn't help me at all. Besides which,, my plan is to mail you a check in a week anyway . . so 12 days isn't going to accomplish anything. The reasoning was that they couldn't find where I sent the email and that your records indicate I haven't accessed my account since January. Neither of these are true at all! So Progressive thinks I'm a liar. Insulting, but . . . whatever. I just feel that a loyal customer, who recommended you to a friend just last week, should receive just a bit of consideration.

I freely admit my responsibility in most likely contacting you incorrectly to cancel this. Trust me that NO ONE wishes more than I do that I could find the email I sent. I do find it disturbing that Progressive is okay with hanging me out to dry . . with no gas for work, and nothing to eat for a week when I have been a loyal customer to you. It makes me feel completely valueless in your eyes.

I'm certain this will be either ignored, or I will get the same canned 12 day answer again, but I did want to reach out and let you know that I think it's a pretty crappy way to treat people who have valued your service and been loyal. Thanks bunches, Progressive!

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