Good morning Mr. Walsh, I am having a problem with your company. I am contacting – John L Walsh email address

Diana sent a message to John L. Walsh President and CEO, UGI Corp. that said:

Good morning Mr. Walsh, I am having a problem with your company. I am contacting you in advance of filing a complaint with the PUC. Your accounts person was so rude and offensive that I will not subject myself to that woman again. So, here is the short story. In 2008 I had UGI install a new gas fired boiler in a rental property, which was then sold. I wrote a "credit card" check at the office in Mount Joy, PA. After I got home the man called and said he forgot to add $100.00 for something, I said "shall I come back?" He said no he would send me a statement. No problem, except he never sent the bill, just put it on our credit report. When we purchased another house it was there and we paid it. Again, no problem. However, last year I started getting calls from a credit company that said I never paid the $4000.00+ for the boiler. Now, we have a problem. I have contacted my attorney, who tells me that you can't sue me for this "debt" after 4 years. However, I know this is on my credit report. And of course this credit agency still calls and harasses me. My big problem is, I do not have a copy of the paid receipt. Idk what happened to it, I have the cc bill that we paid. I have the paper my husband writes the deductible expenses on for our taxes. So, he saw it. But, it's been misplaced. Also, it is so old, that even the credit card company can't find it. I don't understand WHY no one contacted me in a timely manner. Your credit woman sounded peeved when I asked her why no one contacted me earlier! When I told her my name, she said "wait a minute" and then stated my address and phone number! So, the woman with the collection company was lying when she said they had taken 2 years to find me. I said, I haven't changed any contact info, all she had to do is google me, i also have a FB page. So, I am not hard to find. You can be sure I remember writing that check...I said at the time I wrote it...this is the largest check I've ever written. :). So, I am asking for your help in this matter. My next step is to contact the PUC. then, since your company can't sue me, I will have to sue UGI, as I am not going to pay this twice. And it shouldn't be on my credit report.


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