Good morning Mr. Ward. My name is Lisa – Michael J Ward email address

Lisa sent a message to Michael J. Ward – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CSX Corporation – Email Address that said:

Good morning Mr. Ward. My name is Lisa. I spoke with one of your customer service rep back in February or March regarding vibrations that may be coming from the CSX tracks behind my home. I just purchase it last year June 2015, but this did not start until Feb/Mar 2016. There is a large silver box with a satellite dish on top next to the tracks with the train signal red light. There is a loud humming noise at night that comes from it. Not sure if this is a transformer, but the vibrations are through out my home and yard. I've asked via email if one of your track or railroad technicians could come out and investigate the matter. The vibrations are sporadic and fluctuate from mild to painfully intense resulting in me having to stay away from my home to avoid fainting. I am trying to do a process of elimination which I have had the builder of my home investigate, electricians, but I have not received any response back from your company. Can you please help a Retired Vet?

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