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Good morning,

RE: Order
I am writing you as my last resource after over 10 calls to Pottery Barn Kids customer service.
I understand the backlog due to Holiday season, however this is beyond lack of interest and sympathy for customers.
I placed an order on line back on December 12th for a dollhouse (in stock), my credit card was charged on the 13th and was told the shipment will take 3 to 5 days to process.
Needless to say this was a christmas present for my girl. It was on top of her Santas list.
After a week, and out of concern I made my first call to see the status of the order, was told not to worry that I will get my order by the 21st.
Called again a couple of days prior to the 21st to get a tracking, the order was not shipped yet, but it will get shipped, don't worry, it is in stock.
On the 22th, called again, don't worry it hasn't been shipped but it will be delivered on the 24th, whatever it takes, we have over thousand people fulfilling orders...
23th, no tracking email...called again, "i see you called on this, and we put a request to warehouse, it takes 48 hours for warehouse to respond"...inquire again, since, it is the should get your order by the 24th,... are you sure? 24th is tomorrow???, let me see...waited a couple of seems to be a problem at the warehouse, sorry...but we will try our best to get your order out...
Nothing on 24th, nothing on 25th, just my daughter crying because Santa did not bring her dollhouse. Try to explain that it may be a delay on Santa's deliver
Called on the 28th, it has not been shipped yet!!! Told customer service, my daughter was really sad but she went on a trip and will be back on the 31st, will like to have the dollhouse delivered by then...I will put a rush on the order and personally call you back with a tracking number.
Morning of 29th, no call from PBK, called on my cell (which is registered in your system), put on hold for 20 minutes...called from my office while still having the cell phone call on...within 2 minutes my call from work phone was answer and my cell call was still waiting...
"Oh I see a lot of notes in your order"....Your order has a tracking, you will get an email by the end of the day or tomorrow with a UPS RUSH", are you sure? getting tracking doesn't mean the order is shipped out...
The order will be shipped out and you will get your email tonight.

This morning, no email and the tracking number provided is not providing any trace in UPS website.

I am truly disappointed...I see I am not the only one since there are dozens of complaints in your facebook page.

I love PBK products...I find the sales people at Costa Mesa very friendly...The customer service for online orders is a 50/50 gamble. Some are very nice, some are rude and careless. They don't know about the products and they cannot do much as far as tracking an order.

I just want the dollhouse delivered by tomorrow AM to have it ready by the time my daughter gets back from her trip...

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