Good Morning, Since I have had no clear answer from your company’s customers service, I – Glen Post email address

Joyce sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. that said:

Good Morning,
Since I have had no clear answer from your company's customers service, I thought I would try anything to get someone to listen to me. My elderly mothers home phone ( the only phone she has availalbe in her area) has been out since Sat. I was told it would be fixed by Monday at 5pm EST, it is still not fixed. Every time I call your customer service gives me another lie and the run around. My mother is 96 years old and must have her phone to contact me in an emergency. Because her phone has been out of service I have had to stay in the home with her at all times or pay for a care giver so I can work. I wanted to give you a chance to find out why your customer service who answers the calls for Rocky Mount VA just gives me the run around. I told them she was elderly and must have a phone at all times. I will begin to blog the issue if I don't hear from anyone about my awful experience before the end of next week. This lady on a fixed income has to pay more money for a home phone than I do my cell phone. Only reason she has the home phone is because of her age and the area we live in. I have been lied to and the phone is still not fixed. If it goes another day without being fixed I will have to report you to the BBB. I'm still going to blog if I don't get some response to this issue.

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