Good morning, I recently booked a flight from Bristol to Dublin (about 2 horus ago) – Michael OLeary email address

Gary Egan sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

Good morning,

I recently booked a flight from Bristol to Dublin (about 2 horus ago) as I hoped to attend an interview for a job as a Soil Biotechnologist in Teagasc near Wexford. I have recently complete my PhD at Ulster University and am now living back home near Bath in Somerset. I booked the flights because I worked out that I could attend the 3.50 pm interview if I left home at 05.39 am and got the 08.05 am flight. However, I mis-calculated and realised there is insufficient time for me to get the return flight on the same day. As I funded the fourth year of my PhD by working part time, I am hugely in debt and cannot afford to stay overnight to attend this interview.

Since my PhD I am working as a cleaner and do not have the funds. I cannot afford to loose £78.28 that I spent on these flight. I have spent many years researching how to manage soils and soil microbes so that green house gases can be sequestered from the atmosphere and stored in long soil pools. It would be my dream job so I am hoping and praying that they agree to a Skype interview seems I cannot afford to attend. If I get offered the job I will have to go to the bank and say I have a new job, can you please extend my overdraft. I will cross that bridge if I am successful.

Please, please, please agree to a refund as I am struggling so much financially after working so hard and cannot afford to loose £78.28 for an interview I cannot afford to attend.


Gary Egan

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