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Good morning
My name is tara and i am 37 years of age and i have Autism. I have always been a playstation fan, saved up myself to purchase them and last year i managed to save up and buy a ps4 which i love and i am a serious gamer. My issue is i would like ps vr, but given i am a single parent and on crap wages there is no way i could afford to buy this! I understand such technologies are expensive but the price of it then to buy all the other extras which are needed is beyond what i can afford. Even people who are selling them on ebay are asking silly prices. Again out of my price gutted to say the least. Took me a very long time to save for a ps4 which i am proud of, this time for the vr it isnt gonna happen due to my hours been cut down. As i have autism i do not go out or socialise my ps4 is my friend i spend alot of time on there and it helps me in so many ways. You appeal to all ages, race, origins and all that but when it comes to price im afraid it only appeals to those who have money. It might not be alot to those who have it but those less fortunate its extremely expensive. I hope this email reaches you.

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