Good Morning,I am writing to you as the contact I have made so far – Ajaypal Singh Banga email address

Simon sent a message to Ajaypal Singh Banga – President and Chief Executive Officer of MasterCard – Email Address that said:

Good Morning,

I am writing to you as the contact I have made so far has been ignored and I feel that based upon my correspondence it was a little rude. I'm sure you would agree that when you make contact with such a huge company and also a long established customer you would have expected a little better.

With that in mind I want to briefly set out my request.

Sadly my best friend passed away on New Years Day morning and as to date we have been given no cause of his death. This was sudden and completely out of the blue. I am writing to you as an official champions league sponsor to see if you can support some fundraising I am doing on his behalf. Darren was a season ticket holder at Manchester City for over 15 years attending both home and away games. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent extreme chemotherapy at The Christie hospital inManchester. Every year since I was diagnosed, Darren entered running events to raise money for The Christie which is so hugely needed. This year I have put a team of runners together to run in his memory in The Great Manchester Run on Sunday 22nd May which coincidentally would have been his 47th birthday. As you are an official champions league sponsor and to mark Manchester City getting to the semi final of this years competition I wanted to ask if you were able to offer 2 tickets to either game in order for these to be auctioned off and support our fund raising. I know that as a large organisation you will have many requests and completely understand this. I however, have never felt it right to ever ask any business in the past for donations although with your high standing in the tournament I felt that it was worth contacting you.

As I said, I completely appreciate this is a very odd request but with Darren being such a huge fan and City doing so well it seemed right to try and get these from yourselves.

I really do appreciate your time in reading my request and look forward to hearing back from you with hopefully some exciting news.

Again many thanks,

Kindest regards


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