@google – Larry Page – Hi my name Brenda covert I live in moscow,Ohio 45153.Iarea code first off

Brenda kay covert sent a message to Larry Page that said:

Hi my name Brenda covert I live in moscow,Ohio 45153.Iarea code first off your amazing I say hands down Google threw learning I've only study two months not even hardly got in Harvard college DH student dropped high school but I'm 42 I found my love my passion some people it takes longer I will succeed I will not fail .Your company has Gave me more structure then up bringing Does matter we all come All walks life of color race but I do believe when I tell my story of native who I am One day I will organization called All lives matters my days breach Still now I have not done my taxes I don't own buissnesss I was married my life to a man who lied one man's action lasersted my kidney but one day I will get one but now I come becomes I try study my ip address I get kicked off I think it's my government my landlord he has buissness and the irs man his number car what he was working.My husband is billionaire from being bought loving gifts 8 have learned there better life I have lived hellI will makes us to the inner whole one day I will make a drone like chung controlling weather but only last 12 seconds point is technology is my gift dropped student it's not really try two months ago I'm in advance point is I have not filled my taxes from 2019 someone did my husband lying I think the gov lawyers are sticking up from him cause I'm native uncalled police 29 times morghe done on me how do I 9ver come that I ask I'm going to prote t cyber secret I will be best because what I live threw I just n never mind you'll read this go on I don't blame From my attack cyber teriist because I'm native I believe we need to change things raciest I believe All livesatter I lived to speak 4 language but everything taxes are lies if I can help me some how I have no family my husband so much money I don't do but I believe in you Technology is my life now.Help so I can help myself I will Google will go so much further u ever dream I will see that my old facebook I have to Brenda jones covert tmy friends stand up for but Google is the reason I have ad far as I have thank you I'm sorry I got glass threw in my eye my window got busted out so I hope texting letters right

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