Greetings, Daymond my name is, Rosa . I am a 71, year of retired R – Daymond John email address

Rosa sent a message to Daymond John – Founder, President, and CEO, FUBU – Email Address that said:

Greetings, Daymond my name is, Rosa Robinson. I am a 71, year of retired R.N..I want to give you my feedback on the Launch Academy Training, that I attended in Atlanta, GA at the, Atlanta Marriott Marquis April 15, at 12:00 noon. I was quite disappointed when you did not host the training.
We watched a 4 minute poor quality video of you speaking about the company. Approximately 600 people attended, who were primarily African American. The majority of the crowd were seniors. We were not treated kindly by your staff. The seniors arrived , on walkers, wheel chairs , and canes. many had visual disabilities. The location in the hotel was very difficult to find. After registering Online we were made to register again, after being sent several Online confirmations. No one checked us in. Many arrived at 10:45 or earlier and had to stand in the lobby for more than an hour and a half. The staff was totally disorganized and inconsiderate, some of the White, male staff spoke to the seniors in a rude and hostile tone. We were treated like cattle. When the doors opened those of us who arrived early entered the meeting last. The seating was too close, the man who sat next to me was so close his thigh kept hitting my thigh during the meeting. We did not get refreshments as promised, At the end I asked a male staffer, where are the refreshments? He replied that there was a problem with the hotel and they did not serve refreshments, only water. He pointed to pre-poured half-filled glasses of iceless water. Which is an infection control issue. The water should have been in bottles. The Host, Vince Dowd, did not represent the attire that FUBU market. His suit appeared to come from the Goodwill. Vince, attitude was condescending towards the audience. He presentation primarily revolved around his constant bragging about his personal life and accomplishments, throughout the 90 minute presentation. The audience consisted of very mature businesses owner and others. Vince was insulting to the audience. He was insulting at times and talking down to a very intelligent audience. He insulted me during the first 10 minutes of the training. He asked if anyone had any questions? I raised my hand and asked him about the gifts, the free MP3 player and the e-books. He insulted me by telling the audience that I did not come to learn and that I only came for the gifts. I am from Harlem, N.Y. I told him that I came to learn he proceed to use me for an example and I immediately checked him and told him that he was not qualified to analyze me because I asked him a question. I told him to move the conversation on to the training. Which he did after that incident, I was no longer interested in hearing anything that he had to say. Daymond this man did not represent your company in high esteem. He behaved as an uneducated desperate salesman. You would not have approved of the shoddy training. Within the first five minutes of the presentation he mentioned that he would be asking, people to sign up later on for $6,000 to sign up to become a team member with your organization. His presentation was not deserving of $5.00. Please send a highly polished African American person to represent your company in the future. I saw only one African American male from you staff there, that was the man who introduced, Vince. Vince often spoke of the large amount of money that you pay him to deliver the launch academy training. I would have never attended the training if I had know that you were not going to be there . I invited many other persons to the training.The feedback that I am getting from a few persons who attended is that this is a scam and that these people are just using your name to rip people off in our community for money. The entire training was of very poor quality. I will give the training a D, below average. It was the worst training that I have attended in 20 years. The day wasted for me. I read your Display of Power, eBook to get an understanding of who you are. I do not watch T.V . I stopped watching over 4 years ago. Daymond I respect you but I did not receive anything from the training. At the end, they had a few hundred people who claim that they are going to became team members, they left with Vince. I hope that my feedback will help you to identify flaws and weakness in the training and will result in the improvement of the educating of attendee. The MP 3 players were placed in a dark corner of the meeting room and people had to fight over each other to obtain them. They should have been distributed based on the pre-registration of the guests. The iPad sounds like another scam. We were led to believe that they were going to be given out over the two day of training. Cards were given out stating, that 20 will be given out over a year. That is unfair advertisement. I felt deceived after registering to get the opportunity to win an iPad.

Many blessing and much success.


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