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Greetings Mr. J. Paul Raines Hello, I’m a 16 year old adolescent. I come from – J Paul Raines email address

Jordan sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:

Greetings Mr. J. Paul Raines

Hello, I'm a 16 year old adolescent. I come from a low income family and most of the items I buy are used or something has to be given up to get something else. So in recent regards to that statement, I've had a bad store trade in experience earlier this week. And this was all because I really wanted a PlayStation 4 Pro for Christmas.

On Monday December 19, I ventured out 30-40 min away to Gamestop to trade in my old PlayStation 3, Ds, and some games along with it. However, I noticed once I had gotten there I had left my PlayStation, but had everything else. Therefore I traded all of what I had in that day. Within those things Ive traded was my original PlayStation 3 controller that goes along with it. I had checked the website and policy earlier that day to see all I needed for the PlayStation trade in. The controller was not explicitly written anywhere in there, the only thing said was "accessories". However when searching PlayStation 3 accessories on the GameStop website, a wide variety of add-ons show up. Deeming the statement in the policy to be very ambiguous to the reader.

Continuing on to the next day, Tuesday December 20, I went back to trade in the PlayStation 3. At this same store 30-40 min away. Also, before this trip I called several times to the store to confirm that I had everything, but there was no answer of the telephone whatsoever. Horrible customer service skills were showed through that unprofessional situation. So we venture to the store in hopes of trading in my PlayStation 3 and purchasing a PlayStation 4 Pro. These hopes were crush the second the cashier told me that I needed my controller to trade in my PlayStation 3 since I had traded it in the day before. This resulted in a anxious long trip to get a Christmas gift to be instead very disappointing to hear nothing could be done after all my games and "accessories" had already been traded in and I'd be stuck with just a PlayStation 3...nothing else to use with it.

In conclusion, this whole experience was an utter failure due to Gamestop's failure to explicitly explain their needs for trade in consoles. The policy was very misleading, the picture that showed The PlayStation 3 trade in did not include a controller, and the customer service towards making sure that my trade would be successful was a disaster. I do not know how many other people have gone through this situation that I have but precautions should be taken so that young adults like me don't fall for the same trap. It is not like we, low/middle class and adolescents, can have high paying jobs to purchase such expensive consoles, therefore we have to give some things up to get what we want. Please sir help make sure no ones else ends up like me, trapped with useless equipment and nothing new to actually enjoy.

Thank You Jordan, a once loyal customer

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