Greetings Mr. Mulligan, I work at Target , Mt.Vernon ,NY store. I am a part – John J. Mulligan email address

Cara sent a message to John J. Mulligan Interim President and CEO, Target Corporation that said:

Greetings Mr. Mulligan, I work at Target , Mt.Vernon ,NY store. I am a part time merchandiser, Demonstrator for Nespresso coffee machines company, which I enjoy very much. I also have cosmetology license for over 20 YRS. During my breaks, as I'm walking on the floor customers from Target ask me if I can help them in the cosmetic, hair ,skin products. I am happy to give them advise as to products that I think would be for their benefit. I like being nice to people. Lots of customers ask me where the workers on the floor are for this department. I did mention this to the managers and the reply was they call out a lot. However I put an application to work at target, spoke to management and all they do is tell me speak to this and that person. I've done this and tried to speak to many but I feel like I'm getting the run around. I am very interested in working at target as an ambassador,floor person since I have experience with people ,and enjoy helping as well. I just don't understand why any of the management, or HR aren't getting back to me.( their are many openings at target Mt. Vernon store,NY} Mr. Mulligan I know I would be an asset to Target, and would appreciate if you would help me in my situation. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank You Kindly Cara

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