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Greetings of peace and prosperity ..Greetings and prayers may God Almighty always bestows grace and – Sheldon Adelson email address

Okie sent a message to Sheldon Adelson Chairman and CEO, Las Vegas Sands Corp. – email address that said:

Greetings of peace and prosperity ..
Greetings and prayers may God Almighty always bestows grace and a wonderful gift to all of us in performing daily activities. As for mysigned below:
Name : Okie
Address : Indonesia

With this letter I ventured to apply to Mr. to be willing would give a bit of pleasure and grace of God that has been given to Dear family. Where at the moment I'm experiencing adversity because owes money to some banks are not small, and at maturity can not be paid.
While I'm just a common laborer whose daily wage is not enough to support themselves itself let alone a family.

I hope, lord willing to grant my request, at least alleviate the burden of my life. If there is an excess of gratitude can for my self-employment who knows could change the fate and luck.

Nothing that I can give but only a sincere prayer “hopefully host is always in healthy, happy, and always found luck in life”.
If there is one word or uncomfortable in your heart Mr. I'm so sorry.

This application I submit, for attention and help, I thank you very much.

May God bless us all.

Best regards


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