Greetings Victor.I am writing you after several attempts to get some support from your – Victor Kislyi email address

Carsten sent a message to Victor Kislyi – Founder and CEO, Wargaming – Email Address that said:

Greetings Victor.

I am writing you after several attempts to get some support from your nice and polite employees, I would prefer to take this in mail, as I have several conversations to back up my situation.

But basically, I have been in WoT since beta, I had a long conversation with OverLord (Dev) and we made an agreement which he ran from afterwards, this has costed me a lot of money.

After the "release" of World of Warships I have once again activated my premium, but as I can't link my rus account with my EU account I have to pay double.

I got all the messages from OverLord.

I hope you can find time to look at this, since the suport team does not want to help, the last ticket I got the message "The time has passed you on"

I have tried the last 5 years to get this solved, with no luck.

I am currently trying to start all over, but with my 4k battles on the Russian account Im far behind my friends whom are playing on the EU servers.

Basically what I would love to get done is just, close my RU account and trasnfer "Earned experience" to my EU account as free experience.

All the medals and achievements, credits doesent matter, I will buy gold to get the needed credits to buy the tanks again.

So on the bottom line you guys will make money on this, since I would need quite some gold to get back my T10's.

But write me an mail  and I will provide you with screenshots of the agreement I made with OverLord.

And ofc. keep up the good work.

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