Greg: I\'m an old fart retired retail consultant who is used to getting something done – Greg Creed email address

Steve Miller sent a message to Greg Creed Chief Executive Officer of Yum Brands Email Address that said:

Greg: Im an old fart retired retail consultant who is used to getting something done by getting a woman involved that has the ear of corporate. I didnt expect this to be this easy (writing you direct). So often folks at the top arent aware of what goes on in the trenches. (nothing in middle management makes it this far up in the food chain) Especially if there is a problem. Being a "Baby Boomer" who grew up with "The Colonel" I hate to see anything that takes away from the KFC experience. Of late I have experienced a number of concerns that didnt occur when there were only corporate locations. Those damn franchisers. My most recent experience prompted me to take action. You know the old 10x rule of business - If one person has taken the time to tell you about his or her experience, there are 10 others who had the same experience, but are not telling you. Instead those 10 are telling 10 others and those 10 are telling 10 more. My recent experience involves your location in Ardmore, Okla. - a problem I have seen with other franchise locations. Me thinks that franchisers are cutting costs by not using your product for the Original Recipe - a distinct flavor admired by "Baby Boomers" everywhere. Later generations dont know what that flavor is supposed to be. Especially the "Whatever Generation". This location is always out of something - this time it was biscuits - you dont want to be out of biscuits where fried chicken is involved. I think you should fly down here and take us all out to dinner - we have a nice little airport that will accommodate your corporate jet. Bring one of your colonels along - you have one that is an "okie" that does one of your commercials. They all are a scream! Love those ads. At the least you can buy us dinner - make sure the original recipe is original recipe. Oh by the way - in case you want to follow-up - the ticket # is 1254 on 18 Feb. 18 at 3:36 pm. Thanks for the time. See you at the OU/TX game this year - maybe this will be your year since you are a Texas boy now. Hey! Why is there no white gravy with your chicken - you have to have white gravy with fried chicken - us southern boys want chicken gravy with chicken - not brown gravy that is used for pot roast. Did you hear the one about how in the old days you had to reach around the "The Colonel" to get to the frozen chicken - now you have to reach under him. Thats a joke son !!!

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