@gsk – Andrew Witty – Dear Emma Walmsley, I hope this email meets you well. Adebayo Opabunmi is my name

Adebayo Oluwole Opabunmi sent a message to Andrew Witty that said:

Dear Emma Walmsley,
I hope this email meets you well.
Adebayo Opabunmi is my name. Recently, I was offered an admission to the MRes in Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Mechanism of Cancer) program, 2021-2022, at the St. George’s, University of London, London, with the resumption date of 7th September, 2021 but I could not afford the £23,500 tuition.
My family is right now experiencing financial difficulties, making it impossible for me to pay the tuition. My family's annual income was 1,200,000 NGN (£2,101.84), until April, 2020, that it became slashed to 600,000 NGN (£1,050.96) when the covid 19 pandemic struck, and my family consists of three members. I'm hoping you will take into account my financial condition and grant me a financial support, either as sponsorship or scholarship for my MRes in Biomedical Sciences 12 month program in the UK.
This financial support will afford me the excellent opportunity of relevant research training and exposure. It will as well afford me the opportunity of interacting with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, which is going to facilitate my exploit of excellence in molecular oncology research and education at international level, with the single aim of ensuring improved quality of life and survival rate of cancer patients in Nigeria and Africa as a continent.
Thank you for your time and kindness, as I look forward to your favorable response.

Adebayo Opabunmi.
(Application ID: 2108954)

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