Happy New Years A comment to the CEO of Raytheon .What if Raytheon sold to – Thomas A Kennedy email address

Phillip a. lambert jr. (ID)HACC6742 sent a message to Thomas A. Kennedy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Raytheon Company Email Address that said:

Happy New Years A comment to the CEO of Raytheon .What if Raytheon sold to every soldier in Military a survival travel shave kit with mirror for war and every day use. Even the lady soldiers would like it. For my Idea I need compensation money for me Phillip a. lambert Jr. (ID)HACC6742 Address 2019 N. 68St. Kansas City Kansas 66109.and my Manger Franco Lozano in El Segundo California at Raytheon in R2.Raytheon can make a lot more money selling to the soldiers of military things they need with ever day use. also sell some things to the FBI and the CIA . I can not think of any thing else to help the Military out and Raytheon bottom line. What if Raytheon takes a New direction. THIS IS NOT SPAM. Ultimate Silver Double Edge Classic Razor Kit, by Drs. ProChoice, Platinum Coated Ribbed Handle Butterfly Shaving Set. Lowest Price Possible.
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