Happy New Years to the CEO a Comment what if Raytheon sale computer GPS watches – Thomas A Kennedy email address

Phillip a. lambert jr. (ID)hacc6742 sent a message to Thomas A. Kennedy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Raytheon Company Email Address that said:

Happy New Years
to the CEO a Comment what if Raytheon sale computer GPS watches to the Military from a company online or buy the Companys out right . And what if Raytheon sale new state of art to the Military . My name is Phillip a. Lambert Jr. (ID) Hacc6742 Kansas city Kansas 66109 My Phone is 913-333-9268. If you like my idea please I need money compensation to me and my manager Franco Lozano at #310-334-7610 in El Segundo Calif. at Raytheon. What if Raytheon work or move in to different direction where every Military soldier wares a state of art GPS watch and more no soldier would be left behind in war or any where in the world it is a new Military soldier and more money for Raytheon. This is not spam WEATHER
[LAD WEATHER] GPS (Auto Time Zone) Navigation functions/ Heart Rate Monitor/Digital Compass/ Running Sport Outdoor Watches
Price: $96.00 FREE Shipping.
• Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
• 2 colors are available now. This product is black with negative display. *Other colors are sold on other pages. Please confirm picture at the top before your order. [Functions] ■GPS -GPS (Automatic) : This watch is synchronize its clock with the satellites atomic clock automatically.You dont need to bother to adjust the watch. The time is always accurate. -Auto Time Zone (It tries to set your current time zone accoring to the longitude.)
• ■Workout functions -Mode (running, Biking, Hiking, Sailing) -measure Lap Time (Up to 99 laps) -Range : 99 houres 59 minutes 59.99 seconds Altitude, Calories, Latitude/ Longtitude, Heart Rate(Max, Min Average, Current), Distance, Lap (Distance, Number, Time), Pace (Average, Maximum, Current)/ Speed(Average, Maximum, Current), Workout Time, Time of Day ■Heart Rate Monitor -Target Heart Rate Zone -Heart rate data is stored via Chest strap
• ■Navigation functions -Navigation Mode (You can navigate up or down a route until the first or last waypoint has been reached.) -Keep 10 paths(routes) (Each path has a maximum of 99 waypoints) 3 Navigation Modes (Waypoint, Forward, and Backward Mode) -TrackLog Interval : This watch records your track continuously. It can be set from 1 second to 10 minutes. -Heading Pointer : The pointer always points to the active waypoint when everything it properly set.
• ■PC Connection Function -synchronize data between the watch and the PC (Workout data will be shown on the PC screen) -Google earth (Root confirmation) -OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 /CD-ROM drive: USB port required -Recommended PC environment(CPU: Pentium2 300MHz or more/ Main Memory: 64MB or more/ Free HDD: 20GB or more/ Monitor resolution: 256 colors or more) ■Digital compass -Magnetic Declination -Calibrating ■100 meters waterproof ■Countdown timer
• ■Alarm (Select 1 5 Alarms) ■Calendar function: date, day of the week ■Contrast: Select from level 3 Lighter to 16 Darker ■Luminous index [Spec] Case diameter, width: 47mm / Thickness: 20mm Band length: about 140`200mm / width: 21mm Weight: about 62g [Material] ・Band: Polyurethane ・Case: ABS plastic / Stainless steel ・Mineral Glass lens [Attachment] ・Watch box ・Instruction Manual(English) ・CD-ROM ・USB cable/ Heart rate Chest strap/ Clearning brush

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