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Morgan Miholics sent a message to Matthew Levatich that said:

Dear Mr. Levatich,

My name is Morgan Miholics and I am writing this letter to complain about how your deceased department handled my situation in regards to my father, Michael Miholics, who passed away in March of this year. I am completely appalled and taken back by the information I received today when I called into customer services for help in finding the whereabouts of the missing motorcycle title. I first called on 9/4/2018 to follow up on the title of my father’s motorcycle that I never received after paying off the remainder of the loan in July 2018. Even if it was mailed to his mailing address, it would have been forwarded to me and this has not happened. The first customer service representative was extremely kind, polite and helpful but when transferred to your deceased department she stated that the wait time was longer than normal and that I could leave a message and someone from the department would return my call that evening. This phone call never happened nor did it happen today. I had to call again today, 9/5/2018, and the representative I spoke to was helpful but informed me that after speaking with someone in the deceased department “my phone call was not returned because they no longer held interest in the account.” I was also told that “I could not be given any further information in regards to the account or the title itself”. This was not the case when there was still money owed on the loan, I was given any information that I asked for, everyone was so helpful. Now that the loan is paid off and your company received all of the owed money I am apparently worth nothing and the death of my father means nothing. This tells me that I am not worth the time, energy or effort to be given simple information that I need to close a chapter in my life. This puts salt in the wound and tells me that your company has no compassion and no empathy towards a grieving loved one. I always had a positive view towards Harley Davidson and held the company to a high standard but this event has severely impacted that image and my opinion. This is how your deceased department handles situations with your deceased customer’s loved ones. It is subpar, unsatisfactory and downright hurtful and that person who had the audacity to make that judgment call and make that statement should be ashamed of their self and their actions. That person felt they had the right and authority to decide who gets cast aside and who is worth contacting. If this has happened to me, it has happened to hundreds or even thousands of other families and you should be made aware of it. Thank you for your time and I hope something will be made right within that department and that events like this do not happen to anybody else.

Morgan Miholics

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