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Jeanette Devevo sent a message to Matthew Levatich that said:

I am a clinical social worker for a federal agency. I am sending this through my own volition and not as an employee or representative of my agency. A 31 year old veteran contacted me today and said he was given my name as 'someone who might help me'. I asked what he needed. He had come from NC to AZ to attend a motorcycle school, finished, had a severe back injury (from service) that led to a fusion surgery last year which took months of recovery. He asked if I knew of anyone who would be able help to help him get tools. He is at a point in his recovery where he has a very entry level job washing bikes at a local Harley dealership and needs tools to move up.

He is a Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and has a high service connection for injuries incurred during those deployments. He has not been a substance user and while the VA paid for his surgery and schooling, there were things he could have asked for assistance (home health aid, etc.) and did not. It took a lot for him to call a complete stranger.

Most of the guys buy tools as they rotate through the classes. I did not ask him why he did not have at least a partial set.

I had access to his medical record, everything he says is true. I thought I would just go to the top. We have so many combat vets in AZ and many come to go to MMI. Most ride Harley's. It helps them feel more like they used to be.

I will also be reaching out to some of the Marine outreach services, VFW, the Legion. If you have someone who could help, please contact me at my email address and I will assist with coordination. The veteran does not know me, is not aware I am contacting your company.

I spent some 40 years on the back of a bike. These vets are the best guys ever. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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