@harleydavidson – Matthew S Levatich – Dear sir I have been reading about Harley miss fortune in the news please let

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Dear sir I have been reading about Harley miss fortune in the news please let me bring you my thoughts on my experience in the 30 or more years of riding your bikes
When I started we rode pans and shovel heads then evos the dealer ships were like family ever one when there friends and it was grate had coffee talk all of this it was like family for a very long time then the hip thing was to ride a Harley the craze was on in full swing mom an pop shops sold out it was a crazy time
Now today it is run like a car dealer ship the family theem is gone you walk in a dealer ship it high pressure for them to sell you a bike and if your not buying they do not want you in the dealer ship at all and you. Wonder why sales are in the toilet sir I never never Wright letters I can say this as a rider of your bikes for more then 30 years it saddens me to my soul that the dealerships have turn into what they are now it not about the people that ride all about the dollar your self and Harley and America what made us crate is dead and gone as the saying goes I guess I have live too long to see so much change for the worst I am 59 years old now the dealer ship that was the best in my time was Baton Rouge ha miss Donna and Malcom he had told myself Brian I am getting out Harley is Chang too much for me it all about the money so my last words on this is what got you to the party and made this company grate is dead now that is family
Thank you for your time Brian p thibodaux

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