@harleydavidson – Matthew S Levatich – Harley Davidson isnt a motorcycle, its a Harley. Its an an American legend. Its the

Al Hackethal sent a message to Matthew S Levatich that said:

Harley Davidson isnt a motorcycle, its a Harley. Its an an American legend. Its the riding experience all the other manufacturers try to copy. There is no other. Its exporting Anerica. It should at least be assembled in America so people in other countries can really buy the American experience. Its a machine that defines the American experience. German pistons, Japanese forks, parts from all over, assembled in America just like we all are. All of us came from other countries too, but we were assembled here.

Furthermore, Porsche raised the price of its cars $25, 000 when competing with the Japanese manufactures, stating: Its not a car, its a Porsche. They sold more cars the next year than the did the prior year. Everyone was afraid the price would go up again, so they bought and the price stayed up.

Harley is a "riding experience" like no other. Porsche is a driving experience like no other. A Harley Davidson is not a motorcycle, its "HARLEY!"

As you negotiate the economic challenges please keep them assembled in the USA so people everywhere can really buy a piece of the USA. Its more real. Anything else is a fake. It wont be a real Harley.

Please dont allow the other manufacturers to befuddle us and lower the company by compete directly with them. Harley is worth paying for. I waited 20 years to get my first FXR and 30 to get my 2012 Road Glide.

Trust me, it was worth the wait and saving. Theres nothing like riding a Harley. So go throw your leg over one and take a ride. Its theraputic. When im sad, i ride my Harley and it makes me happy. When Im stressed I take my Harley for ride and feel the stress leave my body.

So, tell the Europeans that a Harley will cost $2500 more bucks now cause of their govts prejudices, but a Harley is worth $5000 more and theyre getting a bargain.

We may have a clown in the white house, but you have a real legendary company selling much than motorcycles. If you haven't riden in a while, take your choice out for a spin. I suggest a Dyna or Road Glide! You'll feel better and come back to your office ready to push on through.

Sincerely and with best wishes, Al Hackethal

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