@harleydavidson – Matthew S Levatich – Heartbroken. I?m new to Harley. I?m a new National HOG Member. I took the class

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I’m new to Harley. I’m a new National HOG Member.
I took the class in May 2017.
I bought a 2016 Switchback in September 2017.
I can’t test ride a Harley on the highway ~ can’t get it to highway speed ~ company policy I’m told. Meaning: there was no way for me to know it rattles the eyeballs before I bought it OR that there is no fix.
I purchased and paid labor rates to add crash bars [front and bags], heat shields, docking hardware, daymaker headlight and auxiliary lights, and a full D&D exhaust.
I can’t ride the Switchback at speeds over 65 without having blurred vision due to vibration.
I can’t ride with my riding friends who like to travel long distances. It’s painful and I can’t see and I have to go too slow.
I can’t find anyone who can tell me it can be fixed ~ not even the Harley dealers in my area have suggestions to fix it.
I took a test ride on a low rider and a sport glide. Both nice, but I like the low rider.
I can’t trade the Switchback. No one wants it.
I can’t transfer those expensive items that I put on my Switchback ~ none of it will fit any one of the alternate models.
I don’t have the money to do the same thing to a new bike.

I feel so trapped to side streets, frustrated and stupid…and broke.

Just thought I’d let you know my experience with Harley from a new rider-new customer perspective.
Cathy Foster

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