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Gary Radmer Jr sent a message to Matthew S Levatich that said:

Hello Matt

I thought you would appreciate a more personal communication inquiry. I was contacted by email from Michael Pflughoeft, manager of HD corporate media relations. He said the Milwaukee Journal/ Sentinel was looking to talk with some local people who are planning to travel to Prague for the 115th. Anniversary celebration. Your team in Prague pulled my wife’s name Wendy and I from the event registration list. Mr. Pflughoeft asked our permission to share with the Journal/Sentinel reporter Rick Barnett our story since he is planning to go to the event. I talked to Mr. Barnett and we gave him exclusive rights to cover our trip both nationally and on the USA network. The Journal/Sentinel is setting up a live interview with us since we are renting a 2018 Heritage for the week of the celebration from the Prague H-D dealership. We are staying in a 2 bedroom penthouse flat in Mala Strana for the week and plan on touring the countryside while recording a 360 video of our trip. We will be sharing photos and video with the Journal/Sentinel reporters over in Prague to stream live. We have scheduled rides with members of the H-D Prague chapter and Club Praha. This trip was on my bucket list to meet riders from all over the world. I turned 60 on January 18. This year we purchased a 2018 Anniversary trike and even had a custom tattoo of the new logo with the American and Czech flags! Life does not get any better than that! This is my 8th. new bike I have purchased and I have been a loyal customer and avid H-D enthusiast. What better way to represent Milwaukee and Harley Davidson! I asked your corporate media relations manager if Harley Davidson could supply us with some 115th. Anniversary apparel for the ride at the Prague celebration. He stated he has no budget for that. I am disappointed but my wife Wendy and I will represent your company and Milwaukee proud! Just wanted to say that. I work for We a Energies and my wife works at Travel Leaders. Have a great day!

P.S. I have an extra private bedroom if you would like to come and stay with us. No charge Lol. It’s even air conditioned!


Gary and Wendy Radmer
560 Cedar Bluffs Way
Slinger Wi. 53086
(414) 322-5376

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