@harleydavidson – Matthew S Levatich – Recently you said: "Mentorship is a huge opportunity. We call it ?activate the base.?

Glen B. Post (Director of Sangre de Cristo HOG Chapter) sent a message to Matthew S Levatich that said:

Recently you said: "Mentorship is a huge opportunity. We call it “activate the base.” We have 3 million people. How do we ask them to participate? And that's just 3 million Harley riders. How do we activate that base to help us build the next generation of riders. Because we haven't asked, and I think many people will do it. But if we asked and we gave them means—and some dealers are working on mentorship programs where, “You've passed Riding Academy, and every Saturday there's a group of our riders who will ride with you.”

I have been told flat out by HOG National's lawyers that we are not allowed to mentor new riders. That does not make sense considering the above. I've also talked to Claudia Garber about this and she agrees that the HOG Chapters are the logical group to mentor new riders.

As someone that will (hopefully) be a new rider coach, I hope to be able to direct new riders to the HOG Chapter. I would be willing to talk with you about this.

Glen B. Post

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