@HarvardPilgrim – Eric H Schultz – Dear Mr. Shultz, My name is Victor De Matos I am authorized to contact Harvard

Victor De Matos on Behalf of Floriano C De Matos sent a message to Eric H Schultz that said:

Dear Mr. Shultz,

My name is Victor De Matos I am authorized to contact Harvard Pilgrim on my Fathers behalf who does not speak a word of English. Today I called into Client Services to ask about my Fathers Fitness Reimbursement. Your representative Jalila answered my call after 15min with her I was told that I was not authorized to gain info on my Fathers account. We submitted form after form and Power of Attorney to only be told we don't have it or it has expired. This angered me very much because it is such a waste of my time. I asked to speak with a manager and Nick Montana came on the call after waiting 20min for him. Once on the call with him he wasted another 20 min of my time to tell me that one of your representatives gave me incorrect information on the refund form it should have been a Stride Form not a Harvard Form. I mentioned to Nick that the cut off time to request this reimbursement has passed 3/31/2018. Nick Stated that the claim would be rejected and I would have to ask for hearing on my Fathers behalf. I am at my wits end with Harvard Pilgrim. After everything I went thru with customer service and your Manager Nick an hour of my time was wasted. In October I am going to move my Father to another Health Insurance Plan because I can’t deal with the inaptitude of your Customer Service Reps and Managers.

I asked Nick for your name and email address and he could not provide it for me had a hard time finding the information...while on the phone with him I Googled "Harvard Pilgrim President" and sure enough your information came up. This should not have been a complicated request. If your customers can find your info and your staff can’t...well that doesn't speak very well of your staff.

I always help Harvard Pilgrim in high regard in relation to other Insurance provider but today it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Victor De Matos on Behalf of My Father
Floriano C. Matos

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