Hello and good evening, My name is Tammie Godwin, and I have had several mind – Gerard M Anderson email address

Tammie Godwin sent a message to Gerard M. Anderson Chief Executive Officer of DTE Energy Company Email Address that said:

Hello and good evening, My name is Tammie Godwin, and I have had several mind boggling issues. This issue is soooo mind boggling, that Im so upset and I cant even think straight.
I called DTE in November because I had a minimized gas pressure in my stove (what later turned out to be a busted Heat Exchange unit). My furnace was capped and shut down like I was notoriously stealing gas. I am a paying customer, and I was out of gas with a capped furnace for four days. It was a friday morning about 230 in the morning. I was told to call the DTE appliance line. I was then told I had to wait 16 days to apply. I was told that I needed to call a contractor.
Needless to say, the story goes on and on and on. Tonight was my fourth call for the same issue. The offices are closed due to the holiday, but thank God someone from the Explosion department was able to come out. I had a growling noise and very strong gas fumes coming from my meter. I heard the noise and opened my kitchen window (18 degress). The ordor was very strong and the rumbling got louder. The report was made, and a service person came out.

I am totally suffering from a Post-traumatic stress due to this issue. Can you please tell me what can be done about this issue?

The first two times, the meter was changed. In those times there was ice built up into the meter. I was told that the regulator on the meter was frozen. The meter was changed.

The second time, the meter was taken off and the regulator was looked at, I was told that there was a mechanism that could be placed on my meter to keep it from freezing.

I have been living here for the last 24 years and Ive NEVER had any issues til now. No One Can explain it.

I am totatlly not ready to die, I want something to be done, and I demand to have something done about it. IT VERY STRESSFUL

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