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David Harris sent a message to Andrew Mackenzie CEO, BHP Billiton Email Address that said:

Hello Andrew

I noticed that BHP is in the process of filling at least seven senior risk management jobs in the Melbourne area. I am not interested in these but what occurred to me was that none of the jobs mentioned risk assurance or risk control assurance.

My embryonic company has an international patent lodged for a governance assurance system that can be used throughout the organisation to support and verify risk control effectiveness to support your due diligence goals.

I note from BHPs Risk and Audit Committee Terms of Reference that your involvement is instrumental in ensuring effective standards and procedures are implemented and maintained to identify, assess and manage risks that are material to the achievement of the Groups strategy and plans.

I believe that our software, which has already been trailed successfully in the Australian Department of Defence and which is currently being evaluated by a multinational company for its application in Cyber Security assurance, could be sufficiently versatile and effective to give you and your committee a single source of truth. Our system could support your Risk and Audit committee and deliver the wherewithal to demonstrate due diligence as it relates to your responsibilities and accountabilities.

We are a small company with big ambitions and I would be delighted to meet with you when you are next in Melbourne, or to meet a designated representative of the Risk and Audit committee to discover if our system could give you a pro-active view of your risks and opportunities so that they can either be mitigated in a timely manner or exploited to your companys advantage.



David Harris (CPRM)
Managing Director

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