Hello Best Buy, I ordered an iPhone of the website. Got a bad one. When – Hubert Joly email address

Loveneesh Rana sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy - email address that said:

Hello Best Buy,
I ordered an iPhone of the website. Got a bad one.
When I got the second phone and like the first one, it was locked well. Spoke to another customer care (thats an irony as no one at BestBuy seems to care about the customer) and did not get any help.
This has been the worst experience of buying anything online.
I have wasted more than 7-8 hours of my time and spoke to some of the worst customer service people.
They have all repeatedly lied, misinformed and provided no assistance at all.
On top of that, last two representatives were very rude.
First a bad phone, then I was promised to get the next one another day, which took 5 days. When I called regarding that, I was told that there was no one available to sign, but that was a complete lie as there were people available that whole day and no one showed up.
The final answer is always that they cannot do anything. Im not sure what they are getting paid for.
I feel I should be refunded for my time and harassment. As in the process of buying a simple phone, I have invested more than 10 hours and at the end, the only resolution was that I return the phone, an additional task for me given by the good people at BestBuy.
What if I dont want to do that like the BestBuy didnt want to provide a product you advertise on your website?
Oh sorry, I forgot you guys have my credit card number and so you will go ahead and charge me for a product that doesnt work.
I would like someone from BestBuy to come to my place and pick up those bricks if you want them, as I dont have even another second to go print the labels you send so conveniently in the email. Is that a fair deal? I guess not.
Corporations have left individuals like me to feel completely powerless in these situations which I find happen a lot. At the end of it, I have suffered for no cost and only solution BestBuy can come up with is just return the damn phones.
This is beyond ridiculous.
Thank you BestBuy.
PS: I sent this email over a week ago. Havent heard anything in return. Havent got the return labels or any information on if my money would be refunded at all. This seems like BestBuy is running a scam, that you intentionally provide nonworking product over and over and not hold on to the money while I guess making interest on it for the whole time. The third time that I have been lied to now. Is there a limit ??

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