Hello, I am writing to ask if you guys do Pro Bono work from time – Roger S Penske email address

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I am writing to ask if you guys do Pro Bono work from time to time?

My name is Brittney and me and my husband are in a tight situation trying to get to ID from CO my husband is a 3 time Iraqi war veteran who is medically retired Army he still works and has transferred his job to ID so we can be closer to family so I can work after we have our 4th child in Sept. We will be moving the 31st of this month and everything keeps coming up to make this move impossible for us finance wise.

We are moving because we cant afford to live in CO any longer without help from family to watch the kids (We have been stationed here his 8+ years in military and have stayed up until now when cost of living has shot up with no family present) so I will be able to work, and home prices keep rising on us. We are moving so we can be financially stable if we dont move we are going to be completely out of luck staying here. BUT this move is so much that we are trying to get help. Just found out because my husbands credit score is low the rental we will be moving into has upped the already high deposit for the home 500 more dollars and we were already scraping by to rent a moving truck only to figure out the 16ft will be too small to move all of our stuff. So we had to upgrade to the 22ft truck and now thats a huge jump in cost and gas so now we are up over a grand in extra costs and were trying to keep our heads above water as it was.

We have tried to get help with this move from the beginning through Wounded Warriors Program and they dont help with moves and all of the resources they have given us dont help either, one program told us to ask around because some truck companies do pro bono work because they have a set amount to give towards that. But even if you guys couldnt do that could you do a upgrade for free?

We have exhausted all resources with zero help even taken out a loan to help with this move because we have gotten nowhere. My husband is supposed to start his Job 1st week of August in ID and if we can just get up there we can start to build a better life for us and our kids. We are on a tight timeline with all of these bumps in the road and just need SOME help. Anything at this point will help out. When we pack out of here in a little less than 2 weeks I will be 32 wks pregnant and still need to get stuff for our baby we held off on buying stuff thinking all of our money has to pay for the move and when we get up there we will have month to get the rest of necessities for the baby but with all of this extra being tacked onto a already tight situation its just gonna be more stress on top of stress and I am really still trying to hold on to some HOPE and positivity that things will fall into place still.

If you can help us out with ANYTHING we would be so appreciative of it. This move is a must for our family to be better off financially and we just really need some help.

So sorry for the long sob story I am terrible at explaining things and am just at the very end of our ropes we just found out today the 16ft truck would be too small and yesterday right before signing the lease that we have a extra 500 tacked on for my husbands credit score being lower than a 650 (Which by the way only went down because he was laid off from work right before christmas and we had to give a truck back so we could afford to pay the rent and buy food) We always make sure to pay our bills on time we arent irresponsible people just hitting some bumps in the road and trying to make a better life for our family.

Thank you for your time if you even get this.

Brittney and Desi Carlo

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