Hello, My name is Mrs. Aydlett, current business client with BBT Bank. On Monday – Kelly S King email address

J sent a message to Kelly S. King - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BBT Corporation - Email Address that said:


My name is Mrs. Aydlett, current business client with BBT Bank.

On Monday February 13th, 2017, I referred a fellow business owner to BBT Bank to open a business account along with a couple of products that are offered for the business owner to have a profitable business relationship with the bank.

My referral was fraudulently misled in regard to the banks business banking products and coerced into getting an unnecessary product. This is not the proper behavior one should receive while considering building a long lasting relationship with any bank.

The Banker who deliberately and fraudulently misled my referral on business products is name Christopher Forgenie NMLS#1094665.

A series of fraudulent, misleading, and deliberate misinformation was told to my referral. After my referral opened a business account with Christopher he proceeded to inquire about the secured credit card product. Christopher told him the secured credit card doesnt come out until April . That was completely false information deliberately given. My referral was then coerced into applying for the business credit card which was not what he inquired about. This whole fraudulent business practice is very disturbing to hear especially as a current business client. The next fraudulent misleading business practice was when my referral clearly asked Christopher verbatim, Can you give me information about the business line of credit product for invoicing? Immediately, Christopher responded with deliberate misinformation stating the business credit card and line of credit is the same thing. My referral asked again about the line of credit for absolute clarity and he was given the same intentional fraudulent misleading answer. The next misleading information given was in regard to the client referral program. Since I referred a new business client we are both eligible for the referral bonus program. Christopher wasnt gracious with this process either as far as making sure we were both set up for the promotion. Christopher then proceeded to tell my referral that the referral program only applies if we both have business accounts (implying not personal accounts) and he said we both need to spend a minimum $250 each per month to qualify for the promotion. This information was also false. I gave Christopher my business information which he looked up in the system then he called a co-worker into his office to discuss the program details. Christopher also called someone on his office phone and proceeded to share my business account information with the person on the other end. That seemed strange and I am now skeptical of what actually took place when Christopher accessed my account. The whole experience with this particular branch was extremely disappointing and lacked professionalism. Ive always received great customer service from other branches, that is the main reason I began to refer other colleagues to open business accounts with BBT.

I am writing today to bring attention to these fraudulent banking behaviors that are going on at the BBT Bank where Christopher Forgenie is currently working and to also request that a thorough investigation be performed to help ensure clients that have experienced such fraudulent misleading business practices are protected from dishonest employees such as Christopher Forgenie.

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