Hello Brian C. Cornell, My name is Jessica (I am a College educated, Gay – Brian C Cornell email address

Jessica sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

Hello Brian C. Cornell,

My name is Jessica (I am a College educated, Gay, Hispanics, Black, Female... I am currently employed for over 10 years as the Director of Operations for an International Outsourcing Call Center.)

By giving these details, I wanted your organization understand the magnitude of negativity that surrounds such as basic customer situation.

I order a product. With the expectations for delivery JUL 24th. I received an email JUL 23rd indicating the product could not be delivered by that timeframe. I called Target to cancel. Unfortunately, my friend at the house was leaving for the airport on JUL 25th. I sent an email online to cancel. I have voice messages from Target indicating someone was working on this.

Here are the various disturbing issues:

•Excessive hold time as much as15 mins
•Agents hanging up the phones when they could not resolve the issues
•Supervisors with no empathy and inability to resolve issues
•I was told by the supervisors that it takes 7 days to get a callback from a Manager (still waiting)
•No response to my online complaints (2 submitted)
•The system cannot send a cancellation notification via email - crazy
•Target has difficulties tracking back ordered products (never mentioned when I ordered)

I can provide my personal medical certificate indicating that I was hospitalized due to inflammation around the heart sac. And I need to rest and avoid any stress. Plus I need to pay the hospital co-pays... no thanks to Target 🙁

This situation with Target is stressful.

When I needed my money back in a timey manner, I was told 7 to 10 days depends on your bank... absurd

Its AUG 2nd... no package, no fund, no immediate solution... I have exhausted all the Target deadlines... AND I am still waiting....

I expected this to be resolved immediately... please let me know, If I need a lawyer to speak the corporate language

I except a response with solutions within 24 hours via email as the Target timeframes are all up.

(I am currently out of the country in Panama City, Panama)

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