Hello Chuck, I am currently and long time customer of Sweetwater. This has been much – Chuck Surack email address

Gregory sent a message to Chuck Surack Founder, President, and CEO, Sweetwater Sound Inc. that said:

Hello Chuck, I am currently and long time customer of Sweetwater. This has been much to do with the customer service over the years. My experience over the last year has been one that has not been so satisfying though. Assigned sales reps. have been not nearly as responsive as it once was. This may be due to overload with the amount of customers the sales person is assigned. I really can only guess. My recent experience really is one of disappointment. I made it known that I was unhappy with the level of service I was receiving as well as problems with a current order. The short story is that I mentioned that due to the problem with my order I thought I would try the other vendor I go to which is American Musical to place this particular order. The response I got from the sales person was him emailing me that he did not appreciated comments which to me was simply expressing my concerns and dissatisfaction . The second email said was that I did not need to threaten him with going to American Musical. What I said was merely I was going to try my other vendor American Musical for a particular product. There was confusion with my Yamaha Card for which he had two on file. One current and active and the other expired. This particular problem has presented itself repeatedly in spite of my advising them to delete the expired card from my account. Seems simple enough but for some reason does not get done. I dont need to tell you this should not be a problem but it does become a problem where a customer is concerned. I know with emails things get lost in translation and that may be a reason for this sales person having this attitude. It may be a reason but a poor reason. Okay I wont take anymore of your time with my problem. Respectfully, Greg

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