Hello Daniel, As you will see above, my name is Jaysay Kear, Sr and – Daniel H Dan Schulman email address

Jaysay Kear, Sr sent a message to Dan Schulman President and CEO of PayPal Email Address that said:

Hello Daniel,
As you will see above, my name is Jaysay Kear, Sr and Im writing to let you in on a problem of "Account Limitation" which I am currently having with your reputable Organization-PayPal.
It can be recalled that, I got recruited as a regional representative by a scam company operating from Sweden, Europe named, Kladcrowdfunding. According to them, their company policy required me to open a business account with PayPal because they claimed, that is the only method of payment preferred by their U.S customers.
Thus in my desperation for a job as an unemployed person, I dutifully obliged open that account with PayPal sometime early last year, 2016. Unbeknowst to me, that group was a complete "SCAM."
Fortunately, the very efficient staff at PayPal quickly noticed that I was about to be duped by a foreign Internet group. The folks from PayPals customer service department immediately informed me that whatever money that was transferred to and from my PayPal account during that unfortunate one time dubious transaction was a fraud. Realizing that I was about to get into trouble, I quickly moved to prevent the money gram transfer of the $2.500 to the alleged recipients somewhere in Europe.
I called PayPal customer service the next morning congratulating them for the swift notice and told them that I was prepared to refund the money back to whoever was duped using the same account to which it was posted. Shockingly, the PayPal customer service agent told me that, as a matter of policy, they were not allowed to authorize any refund to that account unless there was a dispute filed by the buyer. Together with my wife, I called PayPal the following day to inform them about my desperation to refund the amount in question since I was unemployed at the time and thus a very high possibility of spending that money in the wake of further financial hardship. As fate would have it,in fact, that is exactly what transpired in this case.
Im therefore purposely writing to you at this conjure to invoke your intervention in order to lift the ban or limitation to my account. You will be amazed that, ever since that time, Im still unemployed except that, just two months ago, I was invited to join an Internet group named, "Empowr" where have started earning a meager daily income just to foot some of my ever growing financial responsibilities. Again, you will be surprised that Ive not got any compensation from this group since joining them because they insist that their only mode of payment is through PayPal. Having explained the above situation, I hope you will appreciate why Im sending you such a message at this point in time. Finally, consistent with the advice that one should not share his or her personal contact information during the initial contact on this platform, I will patiently refrain from breaching that protocol but I am fervently pleading with you to kindly liaise with other policy makers at PayPal to ensure that this issue is finally put to rest so that I will be able receive my compensation from Empowr at long last. Keep in mind that my current financial situation is "VERY DESPARATE."
Thanks in advance.

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