Hello, First off – great picture and good to put a face behind the person – Jane Fraser email address

Juan sent a message to Jane Fraser CEO, CitiMortgage – email address that said:


First off - great picture and good to put a face behind the person that can probably help me. I'm thinking of how to make this succinct, but with clarity so you can understand my concern and I'm hoping you can help me.

1.) I currently have 2 mortgage accounts with CITI and I applied to refinance them as well as add a third loan to my CITI porfolio.

2.) I went through a phone interview with the loan officer and I asked many questions, and after he ran my credit report, everything was looking great according to him.

3.) I went on to submit all of my information and documentation within one day and consented to the next steps.

4.) In order to get the appraisals and other fees, I paid about $1800 and everything was going well.

5.) Appraisals came in, went to the loan processor, we had conversations, and then it went to the underwriter.

6.) I get a call yesterday, 8/31/2016, and I was excited to be closing all 3 loans. However, I was told that my applications were denied because I had a short sale back in March of 2013 and I could not apply for a refinance until after 4 years after my name was off the title.

7.) I totally understand those are the rules and Federal regulations. I get it. What I don't get is why wasn't I told about this when the loan processor ran my credit report as it is clearly evident that I had a short sale.

8.) when he was asking about my declarations, he asked about foreclosure and bankruptcy and even the question about deed in lieu. I was never asked about a short sale otherwise I would have answered. Some may say that a deed in lieu is a short sale, but I beg to differ because a deed in lieu is what happens in case one can't short sale their home through a short sale. Those are two distinct things. In any case, they should have looked at my credit report and stopped me there.

9.) Now, I just lost $1800 and citimortage is about to lose me as a customer. I asked if they can reimburse me my money since it was clearly not my fault. He said no and said I paid the appraisals, not citibank. He won't give me his managers name and won't respond to my emails. I'm frustrated because I 'm the customer and he should have explained things well, stopped me at my credit report, and not allow for me to proceed. I not only wasted money, but time. I can tell you, I could have used that money for my children and to hear him not accept his own faults, is unacceptable in terms of integrity and representation for citimortgage.

10.) So I'm reaching out to you in hopes that you get this; That you personally read this; and help me recover my money. I was told to make a complaint with NMLS and I'm even thinking of other things such as bringing things out publicly, but that's not my style nor such a big thing for it to get to that level. So, I pray that you can help me and hopefully your management team can learn something from this because I was not at fault and I should not have been allowed to proceed after they checked my credit report with clear details on the short sale.

My name is Juan  I hope to hear from you in any means and if you need further details on actual people involved, I can name them - I just want something done and done right. I shouldn't have had to waste your time as well.


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