Hello Glen My name is Matt Bonnoront I have been a Century Link customer for – Glen F Post III email address

Matthew sent a message to Glen F. Post, III €“ Chief Executive Officer of CenturyLink, Inc. Email Address that said:

Hello Glen

My name is Matt

I have been a Century Link customer for over 4 years. Our family is currently out of phone and Internet service for the second time in 1 month.

The first time, a farmer hit the feed line in his field, "because the line is ran in the wrong spot" (quote from tech). They patched it, and it worked for approximately 3 weeks.

Someone at century link had put in a ticket to bury the line, not us, and the service stopped working once the outside contractor buried the line in our yard.

We were told it will take until today to get our service looked at by a technician. 1 week before Christmas. We rely heavily on our phone and Internet since we do not have cell phones.

The service ticket said "no later than Dec 24 @ 10:50" and it is now 12:30PM. We didn't request this service at this time of year, and have been grately dissrupted by this for a second time in a months time. We have tried climbing the chain to get this resolved, and are very frustrated with the response.

I managed to get ahold of someone on the phone and request a manager, and kept getting more reps on the phone and not a manager. "We will forward this info to a manager. " I kept denying to speak to a rep, and requested a manager. I finally got thru to "Lee" after 5 attempts, and explained this entire issue. He then said a dispatcher should call back with more info. This was 12/18. I have yet to get a call.

I appreciate the service your company provides when it works. Unfortunately we are now quoting out new providers. We are afraid the farmer will hit the line again, and we will be back at square one.

Please advise if we should still have confidence that this issue will be addressed properly.



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