Hello Glenn, I am sorry to bother you with a policy problem. My son is – Glenn M Renwick email address

Mike  sent a message to Glenn M. Renwick – Chief Executive Officer and President of Progressive Corporation – Email Address that said:

Hello Glenn,

I am sorry to bother you with a policy problem. My son is a high risk driver due to previous accidents and recently purchased coverage from Progressive for a car we purchased out right. He spent a considerable amount of time setting up the policy. It was cancelled two days ago. After visiting with representatives in customer service and the underwriting department that policy remains cancelled. We were told that records showed notices of cancellation and we have not received such notices. Now, to rewrite a new policy, the cost has increased by $1000 each six month period and our refund will not arrive for 14 days. On the surface, this appears to be a scam on the part of Progressive. I know it is not, Progressive is a reputable company but this has been a horrific experience for us and my son is now left with no coverage or money to secure a new policy. My wife and I are diligent with our correspondence and I can assure you we have not received the alleged cancellation notice in the mail. Your underwriter indicated that no one in the company could help rectify our problem, not even you. I thought I might challenge that with this message. Each person has been polite but bound by policy. This seems like an enormous expense we will incur from lack of communication on the part of Progressive. Your records show we have been notified but please understand our frustration, we have not received mail or email notification.

The policy  for Carlin Linnabery.

Thank you for any assistance or guidance you can offer.

Off the topic, I noticed in your bio you graduated from Canterbury in New Zealand. I had the opportunity to visit New Zealand while I was in college in the late 80s. My parents lived there for two years. It is a beautiful place and we still share stories within our family about our time there.

You can call me, Mike,
Thank you for your time,


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